Tasting Room Event: Beringer Knight’s Valley Experience

When Beringer Vineyards in St. Helena wanted exclusive tasting room events dedicated to their Knights Valley line of wines, John Murray Productions Inc. in collaboration with PS Communications, put on their interior designer hats and redefined the 16′ x 14′ space that previously existed as a meeting room within the winery’s tasting and retail space. 

Designer Jeremy Harris wanted to create a space that educated the guests and celebrated the unique ecology of Knights Valley while reinforcing Beringer’s brand image. The challenge came in meeting these requirements within such a busy space with a limited time frame. We reached the solution by using a neutral and organic color palette that complemented the existing warm-toned wood finishing and dedicating each wall to one element of the design concept. After removing a door, patching the wall, and painting the space new light fixtures were brought in to provide both spot and ambient lighting. 

We dedicated one wall to the wines, with factoids describing each varietal and a 1/4″ dimensional logo and plasma with a looping video. The center wall was dedicated to a 4’x8′ image of Knights Valley, while the left wall focused on the ecology of the vineyard. An enlarged illustrated vine acts as the focal point, with factoids describing the vineyard and its unique soils. Sepia-toned images of the vineyard and a map of the region finished the look of the space on the wall that featured an Enomatic, an automatic wine dispenser for tasters to use while perusing the room. 

The room for the tasting room events was finished with the addition of a custom-made bench and cabinet, featuring concrete work by The Ranch Group, LLC., and woodwork by JMP’s very own John Harrison. Photos courtesy of Darren Endo.

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