Fastly, a leading edge cloud platform that powers over 10% of the internet by accelerating and securing user experiences, held their 4th annual Altitude SF Customer Summit at Terra Gallery and we were happy to partner with the events team at Fastly and Venture Further Events to bring the vision for their stage sets to life.

Inspired by Fastly’s Altitude motherboard motif and their desire to create a modern, clean, white-on-white stage set, producer Tony Irik designed the focal point of the primary stage to feature a 10’ x 10’ back-lit replication of the pattern with a halo-illuminated Altitude conference logo. The illuminated motherboard, a subtle under-the-hood nod to Fastly’s behind the scenes role helping the devops community, sat upstage of a large seamless flat wall used as a projection surface and corridor for restroom access. Raw pine accents brought a warm and natural element to clean bright look of the set. 

The secondary stage featured a dimensional conference logo in the same wood finish to tie both floors together. The challenge came in working in the beautiful yet unconventional space at Terra Gallery, where access is tight and the event space features various architectural obstacles. In the end, the JMP crew and the teams they worked with brought the space to life on time and on budget. Most importantly, the client was pleased with the stage sets and we look forward to working with them again.

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