Sharks Exhibit

JMP worked with our friends at the California Academy of Sciences to help install their newest shark exhibit.

This beautiful shark exhibit, created by Grande Experiences, features all sorts of amazing shark artifacts including fossils, skeletons, full scale shark replicas and shark experience dive gear, including cages and suits. The exhibit walks you through the long evolutionary history of sharks and their biology, into a second section focused on conservation and protection of sharks, and finishes with a stunning immersive video gallery, where guests can get in the water for a virtual dive with some incredible shark footage. 

We worked with the exhibit’s team to design, build and install the large scale video screens used throughout the exhibit to tell a dynamic story about sharks. We also designed the rigging plot for all rigged elements including the shark replicas and shark cages, as well as the projectors, lights, and drapery. We built and installed all the partition walls, and mounted additional shark replicas in the blank space above the exhibit, giving the visitor a sense of being underwater with these magnificent creatures. The exhibit is on display now, and the Academy is welcoming visitors, with reservations. Go see this incredible exhibition and support this phenomenal institution.

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