Donor Recognition Event Design: Saturday Night Science

Creating an entertaining environment for a donor recognition event.

Working with one of our best clients, DPEM, we fabricated and installed a wide variety of environmental graphics and scenic elements for a donor recognition event held at a medical center in San Francisco. With activities happening across the campus, the talented designers at DPEM designed a cohesive through line for all of their event branding, and producer Tony Irik collaborated with them to bring it to fruition. The process began with a meeting between the event designer’s at DPEM and the production team at JMP where the theme, floor plans, and inspirational images were discussed for the donor recognition event. The specific asks were addressed, and we got started putting together the build design and budget. Guests were first introduced to the colorful line design at the registration tent where a large fabric graphic presented the name of the event. The event theme, Unlock Your Curiosity, was boldly presented to guests upon entry with an interesting custom lenticular wall. We produced a variety of window graphics on both clear and white window cling material, as well as other large format graphics throughout the campus including exterior column wraps, and a stairway treatment. And in line with the striped design, we built custom dividing walls for their networking space using brightly colored geometrical patterns. MDF clad modtruss created the infrastructure and cotton strapping in the event colors created the pattern. As always, it was a pleasure to work with DPEM on this annual event that went live for the first time in 3 years.

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