California Academy of Sciences Exhibit: Academy in Action

JMP fabricated and installed the latest California Academy of Sciences Exhibit titled Academy in Action.

The California Academy of Sciences has three initiatives that drive their research and conservation work: Thriving California, Islands 2030, and Hope for Reefs. After designing an exhibit to highlight these collaborative initiatives, the the Academy approached us to build and install the exhibit in the space outside of the Tusher Gallery. 

Sectioned into 3 color coded displays for each initiative, the California Academy of Sciences exhibit features various interactive elements including a touchscreen monitor with digital content. Touch-to-activate items like the parasitic plants infographic uses touch-activated lights to visually replicate the way a paintbrush plant steals water and nutrients from neighboring plants. And dimensional light boxes present information about these interesting ecosystems. Graphics manager Emily Rolph worked closely with the Academy on all the illuminated graphics, creating detailed prototypes in order to get the back-lit elements just right. And John Murray had a lot of fun building the infrastructure for the interactive elements. The result is a compact yet-high impact display that beautifully explains the museum’s conservation efforts.  

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