Branded Conference Room: California Nurses Association

Creating a branded conference room using digital and hand painted design.

We recently worked with a favorite client, The California Nurses Association, to transform their branded conference room. With many of their meetings being held virtually, they sought a colorful environment that reflected the California Nurses Association’s values and brand. We worked with their talented in-house designers to create this color blocking pattern that complimented the activist artwork throughout the space. The process began by taking accurate measurements of the space and creating a 3D model of the room. From there, we set up various viewpoints that reflected the actual placement and focal length of the cameras used in the conference room. Using precise renderings and elevation drawings, the CNA designers created the color pattern and advised the layout for the art. We then mapped the artwork in the 3D room, and provided renderings to the client that showed exactly how the design would look on camera. With the design and graphic layout approved, one of our talented scenic painters used dimensioned elevation drawings to accurately tape the color blocks and paint the clean geometric shapes in record time. This branded conference room was an excellent example of how digital technology can be use to support hand painted design, an environmental graphic that is unmatched in aesthetic appeal. 

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