About Us and Our Scene Shop

Scene Shop: Our Story

We are proud to be the longest standing scene shop in the Bay Area. Our building was first occupied by the famed Western Scenic Studios who opened in 1928, and sets and scenery have been created within her walls ever since. We purchased the building in 1999 and continue the tradition today. In 2019, we celebrated our 30th year in business.

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Meet our team

The diverse team of creatives at JMP offer our clients a wide range of skill sets including project management, design, and fabrication. We incorporate traditional theatrical techniques as well as state-of-the-art CNC and digital fabrication technologies. Our full service scene shop gives us control over all aspects of the job allowing us to concentrate our energy, creativity, and attention to detail on the success of your project from start to finish.

John Murray


Emily Rolph

Graphics Manager

Jonathon Preza

Scenic Carpenter

Pablo Calderon

Shop Foreman

Clinton Stockton

Vice President

Greg Rishoi


Jelecia Thomas

Scenic Carpenter

Patricia Lau

Graphics Assistant

Emily Rolph

Graphics Manager

Greg Swayzer

Warehouse Manager

Khanh Huynh

Office Administrator

Tony Irik


Gary Beisaw


Hannah Sawyer

Scenic Carpenter

Lianne jones

Sales & Marketing Manager

Zach Sigman

Scenic Carpenter

Want to work with us?

Graphics Manager

We are seeking an experienced graphics department manager to run our graphics department and provide support to project managers and clients for all things graphics. This instrumental role, which reports to the president and vice president, will oversee the production of all graphic elements of a project, from pre-press to final execution of digital prints. Click here to learn more about the position.

Production Over-hire 

Are you looking for event production jobs? We are always looking for production over-hire including scenic carpenters, installers, seamsters, show crew and freelance project managers. Send us an email at info@johnmurray.com with your resume and link to your digital portfolio, if applicable. You can also learn about our Company Wide Expectations at the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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