5 Brilliant Ways To Find Event Production Companies Near Me

Planning an event and have no idea where to start? Skip the learning curve, and hire the experts. In the long run, reputable production partners will likely save you money, time and energy. They bring expertise and access to a network that you may not. You may be asking, “But how do I find quality event production companies near me?” Read on to learn 5 ways to make this search easy.

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Finding Quality Event Production Companies Near Me

Ask Someone in the Business

Word of mouth recommendations are gold in the events business. Every event production is the culmination of several vendors doing a delicate dance, and when one steps on another’s toes, it’s a pain not soon forgotten. So ask around. Already have a contact at your chosen venue? Ask about their preferred vendor list. These vetted vendors don’t make it on these lists without a good working relationship. Using long time vendors in the industry will make your job a lot easier. This goes for caterers, audio visual teams, scenic designers, florists, and especially event planners. You may get a lower quote from a fresh face in the industry, but their inexperience may impact the success of your event.

Google ‘Event Production Companies Near Me’ and Look for Their Portfolios

In today’s web dependent world, a Google search for “Event Production Companies Near Me” is likely where you will start. But be sure to go a step further and seek out the company’s portfolio or case study pages. Here you can get a sense of their quality of work, clientele and aesthetic. Does it fit yours? Additionally, using highly visual sources like Pinterest or a Google Image search proves useful as you can see a variety of looks side by side. The Vendry is a great event production website where photographs capture the finished look, and all vendors involved get listed by service. You can search by region, and vendors endorse each other. And case studies provide perspective on the company’s processes and collaborative style, taking you beyond just the aesthetics.

Read User Reviews

Once you have found a production partner who seems like a good fit for your event, seek out user reviews. Websites like Google, Yelp, and Apple allow unbiased user reviews. Avoid reviews found on the company website. These cherry picked reviews don’t always show the whole picture. But also be sure to take any review you read with a grain of salt. Statistics show only 1.5% of people leave reviews, and that people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. Reviews that detail pros and cons of specific elements and are not overtly emotional may better represent the vendor’s way of doing business. If you see a compelling negative review, look at how the company responds to it. Their reaction reflects how the event production company works with its clients, and can provide you an idea of how they deal with adversity.

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Choose by Specialty

Narrow down your search by looking for companies that specialize in the type of event you are throwing. While some event production companies, like audio visual companies or florists, will work in most event environments, some companies have a narrower focus. For example, wedding planners tend to do just that, while some firms focus on the entertainment industry, or corporate events. Once you have a list of vendors you are interested in working with, talk to them about niche industries they might serve. You may find one company is better suited than another for your particular event.

Get a Sales Representative on the Phone

When the time comes to choose an event production company, avoid using blank contact forms commonly found on company websites. Instead, opt for calling them directly. Getting an actual human on the phone immediately indicates an attentive vendor who respects their client’s time. Should you decide to work together, you want a company that employs accountable point people. Emails and web inquiry requests are easy to ignore. But speaking directly with a sales representative of the company is less so. Additionally, having an actual conversation will allow questions to be answered quickly and can be a great opportunity to get recommendations on other vendors.

Finding Event Production Companies Near Me is Easy

Now that you have some insight into what to look for when finding reputable event production companies, your job should be a lot easier. Remember to do your research, so your event will run as smooth as possible. And when it comes time to have that special event prop or set piece, contact your friends at John Murray Productions. We would be happy to work with you.

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