John Murray Productions provides last-minute field goal net for “the most important game of the season”

With a national broadcast television audience of over 16 million viewers, and college football playoff implications hanging in the balance, Safelight Auto Glass, a sponsor of Ohio State football, requested more visibility for their field goal net for the 113th showdown between the #2 Ohio State Buckeyes and #3 Michigan Wolverines, and John Murray Productions was brought in to provide a solution.

Undaunted by a short production window, we guaranteed a delivery on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, for the 60’ x 40’ field goal net we received in our studio less than a week before.  The “X’s and O’s” were draw on the chalkboard, and our in-house printing and sewing team executed the play flawlessly providing the ‘go ahead score’.  But, it was our years of experience in critical, ‘game time situations’ that prevented a ‘blocked kick’ when we discovered that, for some reason, our shipment was refused at the stadium Wednesday morning (could this have been the work of a Michigan alum who secretly works at OSU stadium receiving dock?).  Making all the necessary calls, and stressing the importance of the game (for those who somehow didn’t know this was THE GAME), we had the delivery rerouted back to the stadium in less than an hour.  For Safelite Auto Glass, the fans in attendance, and those watching around the world, the ‘extra point’ was up, and good!