Ebbies '08

The Ebbies 2008 Awards Ceremony, put on by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on October 28th this year. John Murray Productions was asked to work with a limited budget to produce a classy set that could show off some of the sponsors, incorporate the design on the fliers, and be able to show images of the uniqueness of San Francisco in an artistic way that would make the stage interesting as well as the speakers that lit it up. We did this by using our 2 x 2 grid set on stage, and connected the mounted photos to the back, and set up video screens with pipe and drape on either side of the stage. JMP also sectioned out an area for registration and for the reception afterwards by hanging our shear drape where it was needed. This was nice because it gave viewers a sneak peek about what they were about to enter into. Producer: John Murray, Nicole Ziedses des Plantes