Kevin King's Birthday

JMP was very happy to be invited to help usher in the the joint 50th birthdays of Mr andMrs Kevin King. Congratulations! With Diamond light curtains behind Taste Catering's Oyster Service on our Wavy Bar, back to back Trend Bars with hanging mixed 2x2 paneling, highlighted with color changing shimmering lighting effects for an intriguing organic center piece.

The guests enjoyed dancing into the after hours on a black and white dance-floor installed by JMP with a custom pattern directed on-site by Kevin King himself. The night was livened up with Tommy Guerrero's five piece band and a live performing artist painting our stage's back walls all night.

Mr. and Mrs. King filled the Fort Mason International Exhibition Center with fantastic selections from their personal art collection and a unique "shot full of holes" 1964 Mustang.

Designer: Trevor Christian HappyBirthday