California Academy of Sciences

The new Academy of Sciences just opened in Golden Gate Park on September 27th, and JMP was happy to be a part of this great building. We were hired to build nine permanent, interactive installations that were museum quality and kid proof. John Murray Productions built the Rafflesia flower (the world's largest, carnivorous flower) that has a smell sensor in it that puts out the smell of dead body, the Pitcher plant that JMP built and then cut in half so it can slide open for viewers to see the cicada frozen in resin inside the plant. JMP also built the Anaconda Squeeze installation where people put their arm in the hole and the anaconda squeezes it, and there is also the Electric Eel station where viewers put two of their fingers on copper dots and it shocks them like an electric eel. We also built five interactive dive stations where artifacts were placed in clear modules, and when placed on a colored circle the plexiglass screen gives you different information about the specimen. We were also asked to build two stainless steel lids for the Mossy frog and the Poisonous Spotted lizard exhibits. If you haven't made your way over there yet, you should definitely check out all the excitement, architecture, animals, plants, light show, aquarium, rainforest, interactive learning stations, and so much more. Designer: the Environment and Academy of Sciences Team

Artists/Engineers: Rob Oakley/Kat Halbert (Pitcher Plant), John Murray/Nicole Ziedses des Plantes (Rafflesia Flower), Tom McCarty/John Murray (Anaconda Squeeze), Tom McCarty(Electric Eel), Rich Dibari/Rob Oakley (Dive Stations), Khabir Salahadyn (Frogs/Lizard lids)

museum guts

Rafflesia Flower pieces



Pitcher Plant Kat

Pitch build

pitcher plant onsite Dive Station dive build

daytime Dive

Glowy Anaconda Squeeze Anaconda



Electric Eel Electric Eel