Cisco Spark Board Launch

For the grand unveiling of Cisco's Spark Board, Invision Communication turned to John Murray Productions to create an automated staging effect that would be as clean and elegant as the game changing conferencing system that Cisco just delivered to the market.  This all in one collaboration tool seamlessly integrates wireless presentation with digital white board and next generation video conferencing technology.  Its sleek and clean design called for an equally elegant unveiling.  

JMP designed a system to deliver the 70" Spark Board to the live audience using a scenery automation system that is normally reserved for complex theatrical productions.  A low profile stage wagon carried the Spark Board down stage using a cable that was hidden in a track below the stage surface.  A nearly silent zero-fleet stage winch from Creative Conners provided the muscle to drive the "dog" that pulled the wagon, and their Spike Mark software ensured that the scenery moved to the precise position for the presentation.    

You delivered exactly what we discussed in our production meetings. The one element of this production that I was most worried about became the most reliable part of the show.
— Michael Curtis, Producer - Invision Communications