HMO client

Harvey Woo and Professional Sound Productions called upon John Murray Productions to provide event design and production services for a successful health maintenance organization. The focus for the event was designing an environment that would display approximately 200 award plaques of doctors and physicians, who were being noted for their commitment to medical innovation in, and around the Bay Area. After the event the plaques were to be shipped to the relevant employees at their workplace to be wall-mounted for all to see.

Our design incorporated all of the plaques being located into one centralized area [rather than a room, filled with easels!] by mounting them along with additional plexiglass and our rental 2'x2' plexi set, onto two concentric circular trusses and deadhung pipe. The result was a 40' circular gallery of plaques which was also defined the centerpoint for the event space, with doorways to the rest of the space which include 5 separate environments/exhibits within the space, as well as three additional satellite circular 'pods'.

John Murray Productions also coordinated lighting, rigging, room drapery, custom furniture and custom carpeting for the event space, as well as providing the set and environment for the adjacent keynote set.

Designer: Tony Irik




circular grid set