Silicon Valley Bank @ Mexican Heritage Center

For the second year running, John Murray Productions provided scenic fabrication, printing and design services for Noldermedia, who produced the Silicon Valley Bank international broadcast at the Mexican Heritage center in San Jose.

Working in a proscenium theater allowed us to make the most of the theatrical rigging system and after studying a few different scenic approaches the final design included multiple layers of scenic, providing depth and creative lighting options.  Scenic included an upstage Cyc, borderless screens/graphics, 2x2 tiles including staff portrait photos and 2 large custom frame logos.  

Photos: By Erik Nolder


JMP builds Gap human sized zoetrope in SF flagship store.

Our friends at the strategic marketing company, Invisible North, were tasked with recreating Gap's iconic zoetrope commercial Experiment. In. Color. inside their store on Market Street in San Francisco.  JMP was brought into the project to build out the curved walls and print the vinyl flooring. 


Our on Tony Irik stopped in the store and make his own zoetrope movie.

 See Tony's video by pasting the URL below into your browser. 

See Tony's video by pasting the URL below into your browser.


Bacon & Beer Classic Photo Op

When the producers of this bacon and craft brew festival were looking to amplify their brand through social media, they turned to JMP for an oversized version of their logo that they could take on the road and set up quickly at their events around the country.   Guests can't help but take a selfie in front of the giant Bacon and Beer logo. 

 What's there not to like about Bacon & Beer?

What's there not to like about Bacon & Beer?

Our scenic shop fabricated these letters using a CNC foam cutter.  We then glued them together in groups of letters that could be handled by two crew.  The letters were then coated with a durable waterproof coating and painted to the clients specifications.  The whole package was loaded into two custom crates and shipped off to Levi's Stadium for the inaugural festival.   

 Two great tastes that taste great together. 

Two great tastes that taste great together. 

Highlights from the 2017 Chevron STEM zone.

JMP has been helping Chevron encourage young students to engage in Science Technology Engineering and Math by designing and building traveling exhibits that are collectively called the STEM zone.  This video displays some of the more than 30 exhibits that we have built that break down the science of sports into hands on interactive exhibits that are engaging and captivating to the next generation of brilliant minds.

SpringOne by Pivotal

We were recently approached by the good people at INVNT to provide scenic services for the SpringOne conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco.  The designers took a rather minimalist approach where the primary feature was a giant back lit sign with smaller individually lit letters that needed to have color changing ability from the lighting console.   


Two 45' wide borderless projection screens floating in front of 65' wide cycs provided plenty of space for great eye candy. 


Wire Rope Eye Splice

Theses 1/8" wire rope eye splices were rejected by JMP. 

 Can you tell us why?  

Wire Rope Eye Splice.jpg

Answers Below


#1  No Thimble.  Though not required in all situations, it is JMP's practice to always use a thimble with wire rope eye splices.  We also only use copper sleeves with galvanized cable.

#2  Incorrect Crimping-  In addition to not having a thimble, this eye has only two crimps on the sleeve.  Our hand crimping tool for 1/8" wire rope requires 3 crimps on the oval sleeve. 

#3 Two sleeves and both are improperly crimped. 

#4 Crimping does not pass the gauge inspection.  Always check your crimps with a "Go Gauge."

#5 No visible tail.  Always leave a small tail exposed past the end of the crimped sleeve.  If you cannot see the tail then you can't be confident that crimps are properly placed over both legs of the wire.   

 Correctly Crimped Eye Splice

Correctly Crimped Eye Splice


Tips for correctly crimping wire rope:

Only use the best quality crimping tool and follow the manufacturers instructions.  For field use, we use a Nicropress 64-CGMP hand press.

Make certain you use the correct sleeves and stops with your wire rope.  Use only the sleeves that are specified by your tool.

Follow the instructions for number or crimps with the specified notch on your tool.  For our 64-CGMP tool, and 1/8" galvanized wire rope, Nicropress specifies:


Crimp order is important.-  When using a thimble in an eye splice, Nicopress recommends placing the first crimp on the end of the sleeve closest to the thimble.  In our 1/8" eye splice example, the second crimp is in the middle and the third crimp at the end away from the eye.   Nicopress always advises: never crimp between two previous crimps.

When in doubt, ask.  Consult with a certified rigger or call your tool's manufacturer. 

J-Pop Comes to San Francisco

What good is a selfie without a great background?  JMP was asked by our friends at Dominic Phillips Event Marketing to help design and fabricate twelve super colorful acrylic displays for the recent J-Pop Summit at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.  The J-POP SUMMIT is a Japanese cultural festival held every summer since 2009 in San Francisco, introduces the latest in Japanese music, fashion, film, art, games, tech-innovations, anime, food, as well as niche subcultures! 

J-Pop Acrylic Art.jpg

In addition to the acrylic displays, JMP assisted IDEO with the rigging of their interactive Beach Ball Synth – an interactive installation that brings people together through music-making, created by a team of designers from global design firm IDEO!!!  We created a grid of ModTruss that allowed the team from IDEO to easily raise and lower the giant air filled balls for maintenance and best positioning for the attendees. 

Cloud Foundry's Functional Infrastructure

The client approached John Murray Productions with a desire to use industrial materials to emphasize the functional infrastructure aspects of their service. We presented various options and developed a look that would combine traditional industrial scaffolding with modern Modtruss to demonstrate a link between industries of the past with the emerging industries of the future. The width of the seating arrangement required a set that would have stage presence but not block visibility for the speaker or their presentation, resulting in scaffolding structures of descending heights that helped to focus attention toward center stage. Cladding these structures in frosted acrylic panels allowed for entrance tunnels that could respond to dynamic lighting effects without overpowering the overall aesthetic of the stage.

Thank you to the good folks at the Linux Foundation for the opportunity to provide our scenic design and fabrication services. 


Craft Built and Craft Brewed

Chad Wallace of Experiential Marketing Partners had been referred to us by our good friends at MKTG.  He needed some help with rebranding a Peet's Coffee trailer that had been ridden hard and put away wet, literally.  The trailer had been on the road for a couple years, moving from event to event, and its last home was an extended stay next to AT&T Park in San Francisco where it got a daily bath of salty fog.  Chad needed to spruce the trailer up for it's next home on the UC Berkeley campus.  See the story of University Partnership Program Welcoming Peet's.

Rolling stock is not our stock-in-trade so we were hesitant at first to take the job.   However our motto is "Creating Entertaining Environments" and we agreed that a hip little coffee trailer on our local college campus fit the bill.  

 The trailer's new home at Berkeley Rec Sports 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA

The trailer's new home at Berkeley Rec Sports 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA

As it turned out, the trailer needed more that just updated branding,  it needed a full renovation inside and out.  Basically the entire exterior and all the interior work surface and coffee making equipment needed replacing.  


From pallets to Peet's

The original wood siding was warped and rotting away, so we stripped the entire exterior and replaced it with a beautiful product from Viridian Reclaimed Wood called Jakarta Rustic.  This wood came to the U.S. as crates for steel railroad tracks and was salvaged and re milled by the good folks at Viridian.   

reclaimed siding
 The texture and finish of the reclaimed wood required the steady hand of Wythe Bowart to paint the lettering.

The texture and finish of the reclaimed wood required the steady hand of Wythe Bowart to paint the lettering.

 Joe Hardy applies the vinyl wrap with the new branding.

Joe Hardy applies the vinyl wrap with the new branding.

 Counter tops made from 100% recycled paper and epoxy resin are cut on our CNC router.

Counter tops made from 100% recycled paper and epoxy resin are cut on our CNC router.

 The counter top is test fit in the shop prior to installation in Berkeley.

The counter top is test fit in the shop prior to installation in Berkeley.

 Next stop UC Berkeley.

Next stop UC Berkeley.

Cisco Spark Board Launch

For the grand unveiling of Cisco's Spark Board, Invision Communication turned to John Murray Productions to create an automated staging effect that would be as clean and elegant as the game changing conferencing system that Cisco just delivered to the market.  This all in one collaboration tool seamlessly integrates wireless presentation with digital white board and next generation video conferencing technology.  Its sleek and clean design called for an equally elegant unveiling.  

JMP designed a system to deliver the 70" Spark Board to the live audience using a scenery automation system that is normally reserved for complex theatrical productions.  A low profile stage wagon carried the Spark Board down stage using a cable that was hidden in a track below the stage surface.  A nearly silent zero-fleet stage winch from Creative Conners provided the muscle to drive the "dog" that pulled the wagon, and their Spike Mark software ensured that the scenery moved to the precise position for the presentation.    

You delivered exactly what we discussed in our production meetings. The one element of this production that I was most worried about became the most reliable part of the show.
— Michael Curtis, Producer - Invision Communications

Holiday Greeting

This holiday season, all of us here at John Murray Productions wanted to send out a specially crafted holiday card to some of our closest contacts. In the spirit of our stagecraft background, we meticulously designed a wooden, build-your-own Fresnel ornament. Each package contains a sheet of balsa plywood with 22 snap out pieces routed on our CNC machine, an emery board for sanding, and a holiday greeting card that includes a link to a corresponding assembly video. We hope to provide a fun holiday craft along with some insight into how each project is completed here at JMP.

If you would like to check out our fun ornament instruction and holiday greeting video, please go to:

Happy Holidays from everyone here at John Murray Productions. Thank you for a wonderful year, and cheers to 2017!

Send us a photo of your ornament on display and we will post it here!

John Murray Productions provides last-minute field goal net for “the most important game of the season”!

With a national broadcast television audience of over 16 million viewers, and college football playoff implications hanging in the balance, Safelight Auto Glass, a sponsor of Ohio State football, requested more visibility for their field goal net for the 113th showdown between the #2 Ohio State Buckeyes and #3 Michigan Wolverines, and John Murray Productions was brought in to provide a solution.

Undaunted by a short production window, we guaranteed a delivery on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, for the 60’ x 40’ field goal net we received in our studio less than a week before.  The “X’s and O’s” were draw on the chalkboard, and our in-house printing and sewing team executed the play flawlessly providing the ‘go ahead score’.  But, it was our years of experience in critical, ‘game time situations’ that prevented a ‘blocked kick’ when we discovered that, for some reason, our shipment was refused at the stadium Wednesday morning (could this have been the work of a Michigan alum who secretly works at OSU stadium receiving dock?).  Making all the necessary calls, and stressing the importance of the game (for those who somehow didn’t know this was THE GAME), we had the delivery rerouted back to the stadium in less than an hour.  For Safelite Auto Glass, the fans in attendance, and those watching around the world, the ‘extra point’ was up, and good!

49ers Changing Gallery

For their rotating exhibit, the 49ers Museum tasked John Murray Productions with highlighting the military service of their illustrious roster of players both past and present. A special emphasis was placed on the contributions of the inaugural 1946 team but all 49ers servicemen were represented through various exhibit pieces tailored to showcase the stories and artifacts of these brave men. Museum director Jesse Lovejoy, in an interview with The Mercury News, lauded the exhibit’s ability to “tell a great story and give these guys the respect and honor they deserve”. The exhibit “Gridiron Heroes: The Stories of 49ers Military Veterans” will be open to museum-goers for the remainder of the 2016 season.  

Link to Mercury News article:  49ers Changing Gallery

CNA Staff nurse assembly and The Peoples Summit, Chicago

This summer, 3000 Nurses and social activists gathered at the Chicago Hyatt McCormick place for the CNA Staff Nurse Assembly and The Peoples Summit.  You can read more about this political revolution here:

John Murray Productions partnered with Metromedia productions and helped transform the cavernous 300,000+ sq/ft meeting area which included  General session and Theater build-out, 15 daily breakout workshops and CE classes, 40 expo booths for participating organizations and evening networking events.    

Some of the build-out highlights included a huge seamless 20'x140' borderless screen and over 20,000 sq/ft of drapery, multiple custom/rental booth build-outs, rental scenic, furniture and print services [including all branding activation and directional signage].

Mind The Product

John Murray Productions was selected to provide scenic design and fabrication services for the Mind The Product conference at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco.  The sell out crowd at this event has doubled in so many years.  They are really hitting a cord in the Bay Area.

Mind the Product is THE product management conference – we bring together product leaders from around the world to explore the intersection of design, technology and business, inspiring you to build better products.

DemandBase Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B

This years Demandbase Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B was held at Pier 27 and Seamless Show Productions partnered with John Murray Productions for Scenic Design, Fabrication and Print services.  

The challenge was turning the upstairs open plan event space into more intimate general session and work shop spaces as well as areas for guests to network and we utilized our rental inventory of theatrical flats, and in-house print capabilities to create branded partition walls that also provided sound absorption for these concurrent event spaces.  The result was a contemporary look and feel in keeping with the clean contemporary designed space @ Pier 27.